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Domestic Violence

At the Law Office of Christina L. Holly we represent victims of domestic violence and those who have been wrongly accused of domestic violence.

Victims of Domestic Violence
Family law representation in a domestic violence case requires an attorney to be compassionate while paying attention to detail. After filing a Petition for an Injunction Against Domestic Violence, you will have one initial opportunity to prove your case in front of a judge. Attorney Holly ensures that all details surrounding the domestic violence incidents are provided to the court so that the family law judge has all of the information he or she may need to make a determination in your domestic violence case.

Those Wrongly Accused of Domestic Violence
Do you have the feeling that your former significant other or spouse has filed a Petition for Injunction Against Domestic Violence to attempt to gain an advantage over you in a divorce, custody, or paternity action? If so, then you may have been wrongly accused of domestic violence. The outcome of your domestic violence case will likely affect your family law case and should be handled with care. Attorney Holly provides advice to clients on the pros and cons of filing a counter-petition. She also represents family law clients in court who have been wrongly accused of domestic violence to attempt to shed light on the situation in the eyes of the family law judge.

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